Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania got married back in January.  And during the wedding, they figured out neither of them knew one of the couples there . . . because they'd crashed the wedding.

So the wedding planner threw the couple out.  But when Krista was going through the photos last week, she found the wedding crashers had made a hell of an impact . . . and were all over the photos and the wedding video.

She decided she needed to find them.  And when you need to find someone in 2014 . . . you go to Facebook.

So she posted the photos on Facebook, and found out who the wedding crashers were . . . because they reached out to apologize.

They told her they were staying at the hotel where the wedding was, and were bored . . . so they decided to dress up and try crashing a wedding.  Krista accepted their apology, and she didn't release their names.

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